MOXIE: I'm a proud mom to two teenagers. I work as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and love hiking, running, yoga, my pups, my horses, my husband, my kids, and laughing until my cheeks hurt. 

JR: I am a high school Moxie-in-Training. I love hiking, hammocking, being outdoors, laughing, running through the aspens, and watching the sun rise and set.


JR: I'm so lucky to have a incredibly strong bond with my mom, and it makes me sad when my friends complain about theirs. Moms and kids are supposed to be there for each other, but sometimes that gets forgotten amid curfews and clothes and expectations. So I figured, why not try to help to strengthen the bonds of moms and daughters everywhere?  


* Spread Sunshine and Sass *
* Inspire Moms and Daughters to Bond *


I love when my daughter feels confident and strong. Who doesn't? But those moments seem so fleeting for a teenager in today's world. Friends, good grades, jobs, social media, hormones- these gems of teenage life can send our kids into a bright, dazzling orbit or a dark, diabolic abyss.

So on those days when she can't seem to find the sunshine, I send it to her.

Through funny pics. 

And spunky posts. 

And completely goofy videos. 

(Social media is a great tool, and connector. Who would have guessed?! Oh wait... ) 

These little posts of sunshine aren't much, but they usually make her laugh and help her find the positive side of her life again. And since I've been known to ride that villianous spiral a few ... okay maybe hundreds... of times myself, my superdaughter often sends them to me, too!

I want my teenager to know that her mom is a shoulder to cry on when she fails, arms that will pick her back up, words to help her twist anything into a positive state, and a heart that loves her no matter what.  

So that is why Jr and I are here! To make it easy for you and your kids to bond and connect by sharing funny posts and spunky quotes and just anything that can bring a little sunshine and joy into your life. 

Share away with each other! 

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