©2013 Suzanne Nieman Brown

©2013 Suzanne Nieman Brown

Short Story

I love animals, birthdays, exploring, freaking-out, and SMILING. Freaking-out usually tops the list.

I have lived in 6 states and visited 27 countries on 6 continents, but I call COLORADO home. I love it here. But all these beautiful pictures you see from Colorado are photoshopped. Don't move here. Stay where you are. It’s mine.

I celebrate my BIRTHDAY for a month. And I eat lots of cake.

I’m an AUTHOR who reads everything, and a REGISTERED DIETITIAN who eats everything. (See previous line about cake), and a WELLNESS COACH who loves helping people feel their best.

I'm not short. I'm fun-sized!

Look at those cheeks! ©SuzanneBrown

Look at those cheeks! ©SuzanneBrown

Middle Grade

As a kid I loved...
Playing soccer
Riding horses
Swimming like Jaws was going to attack me
Baking chocolate-chip cookies (knew the recipe by heart before I was ten)
Pretending the floor was hot lava


Young Adult Novel

Now I love...
My husband
My kids
My animals
Baking chocolate-chip cookies
Still pretending the floor is hot lava


Boring Adult Book

Do you have a husband?
Yep! And he's a good one!

Long ago, in a fairy-tale land called college, I spotted a well-worn pair of cowboy boots. I admired the boots, looked up, and fell in love with the blue-eyed man grinning back at me. Boots is adventurous, thoughtful, ambitious, and so super cute that he still makes my heart thump! 

Do you have any kids?
Double yep! We have two crazy, funny, amazing teenagers.

Our daughter loves traveling, hiking, and horses. She's sweet, sassy, waaaaaay taller than me, and inspired me to write The Night Before Christmas in Ski Country

Our son loves soccer, math, computers and the stars. He wants to be a World Cup Soccer Player - slash - Einstein- slash - Astronaut, loves doing almost anything except cleaning, and encouraged me to publish The Night Before Christmas in Ski Country.  


Do you have pets?
A lot! We have two dogs, one cat, two horses, and a whole bunch of wildlife wandering through our property. 

Our DOGS are sweet rescue pups who love running fast, licking everyone, and hiking anywhere. Our fluffy, tiger CAT sleeps a lot, purrs a ton, and is happy anyplace. 

Our HORSES are beautiful, goofy, and lovable brown-and-white paints. I wanted a horse since before I was born, so I love waving to them from my home office window. Oddly, they rarely wave back.

Our pets lovingly share their space with all the wildlife that roams our property. We see wild TURKEYS (they're hilarious to watch!), majestic ELK, sweet DEER, stealthy COYOTES, lumbering BEARS, and lots of bunnies. Last summer we even saw a MOUNTAIN LION! That was rare and beautiful and a teensy bit scary. (Ok... maybe A LOT scary). 

When did you start writing stories?
When I was born. I shrieked at the top of my lungs until someone gave me a pen and paper. Don't think anything I wrote was appreciated - or even legible- for quite some time, but I did write a story about my neighbor's German Shepherd when I was in first grade. I know he loved it because he slobbered all over it when I read it to him.

Did you write more?
Yep. No one could stop me from filling up those Duke of Hazzard spiral notebooks. 

I wrote stories, poems of my teenage angst, and even eventually articles for newspapers. I was chosen as Editor-in-Chief of my high school paper because I loved missing beauty sleep to work on deadlines.

When did you start taking photos?
I honestly don't remember, but I have albums of photos going back to 8th grade. I'm not a professional photographer AT ALL. I just like taking pictures as memories so I can keep useless tidbits like movie quotes in my brain instead.    

What did you study in college?
Boys. Nachos. Laughing my butt off. Not necessarily in that order.

Okay. You got me. I did study hard, too.

I started out as a communication major hoping to become an award-winning journalist, but my love of animals and the amazing human body sent me on a Pre-Med path. I planned to be a pediatrician - slash - veterinarian - slash - marine biologist- slash- dietitian. 

My love of food won, and I graduated with a Biology degree, studied for two more years of school, an internship, and a day-long test, and I was certified as a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN). 


What do you do as a RDN?
I have to try every food on the planet. Even fried crickets. Oh wait. That may not be a rule. I just love to eat.

I focus on what my clients need, whether that’s weight loss, or more energy, or less stress, or eating the right foods to prevent disease. As a wellness coach and dietitian, I help my clients focus on more than just food. Exercise, sleep, stress, life balance- all these facets affect our health and wellness.

I also believe there is not one way of eating that works for everyone. AND I believe there are no “good” or “bad” foods. I eat everything and I have a good relationship with all foods, so I try to help my clients do the same.

Favorite thing in the whole wide world?
Love. With a side of extra cheesy enchiladas.