Book Signing in Steamboat Springs

I want to give A HUGE THANK YOU to Ron and Emily at Off the Beaten Path in Steamboat Springs for hosting our book signing this past Saturday!

LOVE this coffee shop and  bookstore all in one! ©2013

My illustrator, Dana Schlingman, grew up in Hayden, right next door to Steamboat, so her hometown really gave us a warm welcome. Both natives and out-of-towners stopped in to chat and bought so many books that we sold out in an hour! Luckily, Off the Beaten Path ordered the last of our books from the distributor so no one went away empty handed. I know they have a few left as of today.

We loved all the interest in our book! ©2013

We loved all the interest in our book! ©2013

My husband and kids joined me at the signing. My heart swelled with pride introducing them to everyone. My daughter even got into the holiday spirit! (Can you tell she takes after me and really, really LOVES Christmas? :)

They do make me giggle! ©2013

They do make me giggle! ©2013

Dana and I signed personal messages on every book and had an absolute ball together! I feel so lucky to have found such a talented illustrator but also to have worked so closely together to add many personal touches in the book (I’ll share those in another blog!)

Signing together! ©2013

Laughing together! ©2013

Thanks again to all who supported us on Saturday! I hope you treasure The Night Before Christmas in Ski Country every year with your family. And another special thanks to Off the Beaten Path bookstore! You have the absolute best Grasshopper Latte in the world! Mocha, mint, and espresso all swirled into deliciousness! If you haven’t tried it yet, stop by and treat yourself. Nothing’s better than reading a scrumptious book while savoring a steaming cup of yumminess. 

What's your favorite drink when you snuggle in with a book?