My Rubber Chicken!

I was so lucky to be featured on Bicyclette's Inspired by the Bike Blog!  

My favorite things! ©2013

What does that have to do with a rubber chicken and why am I holding one, you may ask? Well... good question! 

Rebecca Brookson founded Bicyclette wanting to bring the joys of everyday bicycling into the wardrobes and homes of women. She offers the softest and cutest shirts, yummy smelling candles, and super cute and comfy, one-of-a-kind cruiser bikes. And because she's an amazing gal herself, Rebecca started What's in My Bike Basket?  to "showcase what’s in the bike baskets of very cool, talented, smart, stylish, crafty, bike lovers, or business ladies." Her description, not mine. So, WOW! What an honor to be included. 

Still curious about the rubber chicken?

He has a very special place in my basket next to THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS in SKI COUNTRY and other treasures. Head over to Inspired By The Bike (CLICK HERE) and see for yourself! 

Suzanne Brown