Book Signing at Off the Beaten Path

It was another fabulous book signing at Off the Beaten Path Bookstore in Steamboat Springs! 


I am so grateful to Ron for inviting me and my family back. We love his bookstore!


And we love his happy staff! They whipped up our favorite hot cocoa, met our every need, and made us feel at home. 

Especially, Emily.


She found everything my kids needed to make snowflakes. 

And that was very, VERY important.

Let me tell you why.

Poor Steamboat was having a warm spell, with no new snow. Just like the charming ski town in my book.

My kids wanted to help. They made lots and lots and LOTS of snowflakes. Magical snowflakes. Many looked just like the Icicle Star that Little Andy finds for Santa.

Then they asked me to read The Night Before Christmas in Ski Country

The next morning...


Ski Country had snow by first light. Magical, glorious snow.

How do you help bring snow to Ski Country?