Evergreen Holiday Walk 2014

Friday night was our town's yearly Holiday Walk. 

It was a dreamy trip back in time. Walking main street with no cars. Carolers crooning. Bonfires blazing. S'mores a'making.


And I got to hang out with the big guy.


Yep! The one in the velvety, red suit and fluffy hat. Santa himself!

Thanks again to John Ellis and Evergreen National Bank, I was signing books smack dab between hot cocoa and Santa! Was that perfect or what?!

It was a family affair. My daughter handed out coloring pages from my book. My husband and son accounted for books. And we all listened to bright-eyed, rosy-cheeked munchkins tell us what they wanted for Christmas. Animatedly. Loudly. With gestures. And big, huge smiles.  

My heart grew ten sizes last night.

We loved chatting with everyone. Especially all of our friends who stopped by!

This is our daughter's friend. Don't you love her hat?!

This is our son's friend. And soccer-loving buddy. Totally digging his hat, too!

Thanks to everyone for hanging out with us last night. Our dear, long-time friends. Our new buddies. And of course, Santa and the Missus!

The big guy did ask my kids what they wanted for Christmas. Can you guess what they both said? 

A white Christmas.

Just like in their mama's book. 

Am I the luckiest mom in the world or what? 

What do you want for Christmas?

COLORADOSuzanne Brown