Author Fair

I LOVE reading aloud! © 2014

I LOVE reading aloud! © 2014

I was so honored to be invited to the first ever Author Fair at my son's school! 

On two separate days, I read my book to classes and answered questions. Those grade schoolers had some very well-thought out ones! I wanted to share some of my answers. 

When did you write this book?
I first wrote the story in 2000 as a Christmas present to our newborn daughter. I wanted her to have a Christmas story based on our life living in the Colorado mountains.

How many times did you edit?  Four hundred, billion- trillion and then once more. :)

Is that your dog in the book? Yes! Santa's dog, Cocoa, was based on our sweet Bernese Mountain Dog, Maverick. He followed us everywhere just like Cocoa does in the book. He's in heaven now but hopefully he gets vacation time to help Santa every Christmas!

What does vibrant mean? Full of life!

And of course, I adored all the wonderful tidbits kids that age are bursting to tell anyone and everyone. 
I always wear a helmet.
My dog runs after me when I sled. 

I've never seen elk in a hot tub. 
I know your daughter. 
I wrote a story about a dog. 

I think your son is nice. 

And my absolute favorite... 
Your book is the very best book I've ever heard, EVER!

Coloring Santa on his snowboard! © 2014

Coloring Santa on his snowboard! © 2014

Then I handed out one of my favorite pages in the book- Santa and Cocoa sledding and snowboarding - for them to color. 

I loved reading my book aloud to these kids!

I loved watching their faces register emotions as my words mesmerized them. (My words!)

I loved seeing concern when Santa realized his star was broken.

I loved the smiles of joy when Little Andy found a new Icicle Star.

Look at his grin! ©2014

But what I loved the most was when my little boy wrapped his arm around me and gushed.

"I'm just so proud of you, Mama. You're an author."

My heart swelled.

Suzanne Brown