Happy New Year Thanks & Wishes Box

Happy New Year, my Friends! 

Last night it was time to open our very special box. 



It may not look fancy, but inside this tiny box is something that makes my entire family laugh, cry, dream, hope, and really, really smile.



Yep, it's exactly what our son wrote in the photo above. This darling box is our Thanks & Wishes Time Capsule. 

On New Years Eve last year, we wrote what we were thankful for the prior year, and what we were most hopeful to accomplish in the coming year. And last night, on New Years Eve, we opened our capsule. 

We relived all our precious moments. We celebrated all our dreams come true. And we laughed that I wanted to change my name to Fluffy. (Hey- it could happen someday!)

Today will be the fourth year we've written down our thanks and our wishes and sealed them away in the box. It's a tradition our kids love just as much as Boots and I. It helps us all realize how much we have, how much we can do, and how much we should dream. 

Here's to a year of wishes and thanks to you, too! 

XO- Fluffy     

Suzanne Brown