Photos that inspired I'M WITH ANXIOUS

These intricate chedis at Wat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand are stunning in design and size! Lottie passes by Wat Pho in I'M WITH ANXIOUS, but does not get a chance to go in and explore. Maybe in another book? :)

© Suzanne Brown

© Suzanne Brown

excerpt from I'M WITH ANXIOUS by Suzanne Brown

She laughs. “Wat Po is how you pronounce it. It’s a temple that houses many chedis and a big, reclining Buddha that’s over 45 meters long.”
I try to think of that in American terms. Forty-five meters is almost 150 feet, or about half a football field. That’s one big Buddha.
“What’s a chedi?”
Rinzen doesn’t seem to mind all my questions. “A chedi is a memorial built to house the ashes of a loved one or a revered person. Usually it’s a bell-shaped tower more than ten stories high, topped with a finial, and ornately covered in mosaic and flower-shaped tiles. They’re really very pretty.”

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