Photos that inspired I'M WITH ANXIOUS

As I was writing about Lottie's time in Morocco and then later in Kabul, I often thought of these lush, fragrant spices. Yellow cumin, green cardamom, brown coriander, and red cloves. Mmmm. I can  smell them now. Can you?

© Suzanne Brown

© Suzanne Brown

excerpt from I'M WITH ANXIOUS by Suzanne Brown

The souk is noisy and colorful and jam-packed. Every stall along the cobblestone street is stuffed with people and stalls selling everything imaginable. Black, plastic barrels overflow with herbs and spices. Raw chicken parts line glass cases. Silk jilbabs in happy colors like peach, cream, teal, amber, and coral shimmer in the sun. Pointy-toed shoes like Mum’s are stacked in blocks of gold, red, purple, and pink, all nestled on top of one another so snugly that there must be thousands of shoes in one little stall.

© Smiling Pig Publishing