“raw, brilliant, funny”

“about anxiety, emotions, and learning to love yourself”

"I have to admit that so far this day totally sucks.

I’m locked out of school, freezing my tush off. The first bell just rang.

And I’m pretty sure I just killed my boyfriend.


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Fifteen-year-old Lottie HATES her anxiety. She hates her strong feelings. She hates who she is.

So, she changes. It takes everything she has to bury her true self and blossom into a worry-free, happy-go-lucky teenager. And for the first time in her life, she’s finally the NORMAL GIRL.

Until she catches her boyfriend playing tongue hockey with another boy, FREAKS OUT… and almost kills him.

Disgusted with what she’s done and who she is, Lottie drifts off to sleep vowing never to feel again.

But something beyond her control isn’t going to let that happen.

When Lottie awakens in someone else’s body half-way across the world, she thinks it’s just a happy dream full of weddings and kittens and the newest Jimmy Choo™ sandals. Until she starts questioning what is real in her life, and what is not.

Including herself. 

Before her sixteenth-birthday, Lottie will awaken as seven different people around the world. At a wedding in MOROCCO, a bombing in AFGHANISTAN, with elephants in THAILAND, finding love in PARIS, losing love in ICELAND, and at her birthday party in SINGAPORE.

Will these experiences help Lottie learn to LOVE HERSELF and all her wild feelings? Or will she be forever trapped in someone else’s life, and never return to her real family again?


Middle-school and high-school COUNSELORS say I'M WITH ANXIOUS is...

“… a vivid, gripping picture of how a teenager feels with anxiety disorder.”

“… a book about learning to love yourself, even if you don’t like who you are.”

“… a captivating and moving story about self-doubt and self-confidence, and how they can co-exist.”

“… a travel story within a coming-of-age story! You get to visit visually enchanting places while rooting for Lottie to love herself, faults and all.”

“… a powerful, necessary read for anyone living with anxiety.”