©2013 Suzanne Nieman Brown

©2013 Suzanne Nieman Brown

Short Story

I love spinach, animals, birthdays, cookies, exploring, freaking-out, and SMILINGFreaking-out usually tops the list.

I celebrate my BIRTHDAY for a month. And I eat lots of cake.

I’m an AUTHOR who reads everything, a REGISTERED DIETITIAN who eats everything (see previous line about cake), and a WELLNESS COACH who loves helping people feel their best.

I have dual degrees in Human BIOLOGY and Clinical NUTRITION.

I’ve helped sport teams, corporations, and individuals with their nutrition and wellness for over TWENTY YEARS.

I’ve appeared on PODCASTS, TV, and radio.

I have lived in 6 states and visited 28 countries on 6 continents, but I call COLORADO home.

I'm not short. I'm fun-sized!

Look at those cheeks! ©SuzanneBrown

Look at those cheeks! ©SuzanneBrown

Middle Grade

As a kid I loved...
Playing soccer
Riding horses
Swimming like Jaws was going to attack me
Baking chocolate-chip cookies (knew the recipe by heart before I was ten)
Pretending the floor was hot lava



Young Adult Novel

Now I love...
My husband
My kids
My animals
Baking chocolate-chip cookies
Still pretending the floor is hot lava



Adult Novel

What do you do as a RDN?

I have to try every food on the planet. Even fried crickets. Oh wait. That may not be a rule. I just LOVE TO EAT.

I focus on what my clients need, whether that’s weight loss, more energy, less stress, or eating the right foods to prevent disease. As a wellness coach and a dietitian, I help my clients focus on more than just food. EXERCISE, sleep, STRESS, life balance- all these facets affect our health and wellness.

I also believe there is not one way of eating that works for everyone. AND I believe THERE ARE NO “GOOD” or “BAD” FOODS. I eat everything and I have a good relationship with all foods, so I try to help my clients do the same.

What did you STUDY at university?

Boys. Nachos. Laughing my butt off. Not necessarily in that order.

Anything else?
Sure! I began as a communication major, hoping to become an award-winning journalist, but my love of the amazing human body sent me on a Pre-Med path. I planned to be a pediatrician/ veterinarian/ marine biologist/ dietitian. 

My love of FOOD won. I graduated with a Biology degree, studied for two more years of school, completed an internship and a day-long test, and I was certified as a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN). 


What else do you LOVE?

My fearless husband, my two adventurous kids, my two bouncy dogs, and my two sweet horses!

I also love HIKING, running, yoga, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and getting lost on Jeep trails in the stunning, Colorado mountains where we live.

And I LOVE exploring other playgrounds around the world. I’ve been SKYDIVING over a volcano in Chile, swimming with ELEPHANTS in Thailand, GLACIER trekking in Patagonia, scuba diving with SHARKS in Dominica, hiking with PENGUINS in Argentina, and mountain BIKING in Zimbabwe.

“I love to explore the WORLD, and my passion and enthusiasm for LIFE drive me to help YOU maintain a sustainable, healthy relationship with food and your wellness so you can stay ACTIVE and ENGAGED throughout your own life.” 


Favorite thing in the whole wide world?
With a side of extra cheesy enchiladas.